How Much I Spent in KKH for Pre-Natal & Delivery

One of the things couples always have in mind when it comes to starting a new family (or adding a new one) is how much it will cost? It is Singapore after all and money is always the next thing to factor in to every life milestone; from owning a house, having a baby, going to school, etc.

Firstly, why did I choose Kadang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) and not other hospitals?

Well, generally because KKH is just a go-to hospital for deliveries and if there's any complications, KKH has always been the best hospital to be in. I am not young after all and I rather be safe than sorry. On top of that, I can get subsidies through government hospitals.

People said waiting time for private hospitals are faster compared to government hospitals but I think it's fine. My shortest consultation inclusive of waiting time, compulsory urine test is about 1 hour which is standard to me. The longest was when I had to take the gestational test which took us 3+hours because I had to give my blood every hour for 2 hours and that includes consultation and waiting time.

Subsidized Consultation Vs Private Consultation

Both has it's legit pros & cons so it really boils down to your priorities.
Subsidized consultations can cut down your bill by A LOT (you will see later below) but you will get random doctors to see you almost every single time.

I had my pre-natal consultations under subsidized. I didn't have any problems seeing different doctors every single time and plus, sometimes you get a fresh perspective. With that said, Alhamdulillah, my pregnancy was a smooth and low risk so it's not an issue to even have a student doctor.

As for private consultations, you have to pay full but you get doctor of your choice. You want the chill and funny one? The serious and experienced one? Seeing the same doctor also bring rapport and confidence in your pregnancy. For me, it's not a priority as long as the doctor knows what he/she is doing. With that said, if you have complications in your pregnancy, I strongly suggest get under private consultation.

P/S: After my private delivery, I was assigned to private check ups with my doctor who delivered my baby. No doubt, the athmosphere was 180 degrees different from the standard clinics. There were no plastic chairs that we've grown accustomed to but sofas all around. There're free flow of coffee & milo too to a point the auntie in me surfaced. Haha

My Pre-Natal Bill

Note that every pregnancy is different. Some ladies may need more appointments, medication, tests or scans while others lesser. I think mine is some where in the middle because I did had extra ultrasounds to check my breech baby.

Number of consultations: 12
Number of tests/ scan (not inc. urine tests): 2 (Blood tests for diseases & GTT test)
Number of ultrasounds (inc. NT Scan): 6
Number of medications: 3 (Folic Acid, Obimin & halfway, Sangobion)

I have a detailed consolidated list of my bills but let's make it easy okay?

Grand total of the above without any subsidies: S$2,441.64
Grand total after subsidies: S$1,122.99

Side note: I had a 100% subsidy on my anatomy scan for doing a survey and a visit to Labour & Delivery because I felt extreme dizziness when I was 5 months pregnant.

I had saved about 46% off my bill! Remember that the subsidized amount is derived by the government. I don't know how they count it but it's definitely depends on your income. I'm not working so perhaps I get 46% off the bill but as a reference, my working friend had about 40-45% off her bill which is still a good cut!

Subsidized Delivery Vs Private Delivery

Under subsidized delivery, again, you cannot choose your doctor but know that you will be in the hands of wonderful and experienced mid-wives and nurses. You can only stay in Wards C, B2 or B2+. You can save plenty of money here too as some couples said they don't even have to top-up much or none at all after their pre-admission deposit.

For private delivery, you can stay in Wards B1 or A1 with the doctor of your choice. Jhon and I wanted Ward A1 because you have the room & toilet all by ourselves which means ultimate privacy. Jhon also can sleep next to me in the sofa unlike the other wards. Yes, it would costs us more but after much deliberation and checking our finances, we are okay with it. It was the best decision we ever made because we were stressed from sleep deprivation. We definitely don't need strangers and other newborns fussing nearby.

We requested too late for a private doctor so we got any doctor in-charge on the day I was admitted who was Dr Alexandira See Tze Ann along with my subsidized doctor-in-charge, Dr Freda Khoo. Dr Alex was proffessional and kind so I knew I was in good hands.
Read my delivery story here.

In terms of price, there is no doubt how much of a difference it can be. I do not have the table for subsidized delivery but it can be as low as $2,000 (Ward C, for c-section before medisave) and for A1, up to $10,000 before medisave in total. You may check MOH's website for estimated costs from all hospitals in Singapore for natural and caesarean delivery.

As mentioned before, Jhon and I had done our pre-admission and had paid $3,990 for likely estimated hospital bill after medisave deduction of $4,400. In any event, if there are complications, additional days, extra consumables or medications were needed, it will be billed later after discharged.

We received the bill about 2 weeks after discharged.

Note that baby also has his/her own bill but can also be deducted by medisave.

For those who are financially worry warts like me, here's my total bill summary as of August 2017.

Mommy's Bill

A1 Ward - Caesarean - 4 Days stay
(I had an extra day because first day counted as operating day - Baby born on 1:48am)

Total Delivery Charges inc. 7% GST: $9,204.69
Total Antenal Claim (pre-delivery charges) : $1,122.99
Grand Total: $10,327.68

Medisave Claimable inc. $900 antenal: -$4,850.00
Adjustment (I don't know the reason of this random adjustment): -$1,122.99
Grand Total: -$5,972.99

Therefore our actual grand total payable amount:
$10,327.68 - $5,972.99 = $4,354.69

Since we had deposited during pre-admission of $4,000 when we received our final bill, we only had to pay $354.69.

Baby's Bill

A1 Ward - 3 Days stay

Grand Total Charges inc. 7% GST: $1,363.28

Medisave Claimable: -$1,346.16

Therefore our actual grand total payable amount:
$1,363.28- $1,346.16= $17.12

And that's how much we paid for our pre-natal & cesarean delivery at KKH.
Again, note that not all bills are the same so use this just as an estimate or gauge.

What's in My Hospital Bag?

Just in case you are new here, I am a Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH) Cesarean patient. The reason I want to state this because I do not know what other hospitals do and do not provide and I can only speak for my experience in KKH. On top of that, Jhon and I had chose to be in the A1 ward for comfort and privacy and not sure if there's a difference in what they provide compared to other wards.

The list is created before I was admitted and I will put a side note if it was actually necessary or not after my admission. Hospital stays can be 2 to 3 days depending if it's a vaginal delivery or C-section. I like to pack a little extra in terms of undergarments and/or clothes because I rather over pack with them than not. As for our bags, I just brought my usual old travel Addidas duffel bag and Jhon's backpack. I guess you may bring a mini luggage bag but I find it too much lah. Whatever floats your boat.

Important Documents (In our file)
Important Documents (In our file)
❣ Marriage Certificate
❣ KKH Pink Appointment Booklet
❣ Pre-Natal Receipts (to claim Medisave)
If you are a KKH patient since first appointment, no need to bring as they have their own copies. Everything will auto claimed in your bill)
❣ My NIRC, Jhon's S-Pass & Passport
❣ Pre-Admission Documents
Only applicable to those who pre-register your admission (from >36 weeks pregnant)

For Baby
For Baby Remarks
❣ Going Home Outfit (with cap, mittens and booties) 2x
❣ Swaddle Cloth/ Receiving Blanket x2 You will get 1 in KKH's gift bag unless you want to use your own.
❣ Face Cloth x2 Only used 1 while cup feeding baby
❣ New Born Diapers KKH provides diapers & wet wipes. Feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
For Mommy
For Mommy Remarks
❣ Going Home Outfit (an easy slip on loose dress)
❣ Underwear 4x KKH provides disposable undies so I didn't even use mine. Feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
❣ Nursing Bra 2x Didn't wear any throughout my stay.
❣ Breast Pads for just in case   Didn't wear any throughout my stay; I had only colostrum.
❣ Socks 2x
(would've brought 1 pair but hear stories of lochia may drip to socks yikes!)
KKH provided compression socks AFTER my C-section surgery
❣ Nipple Cream Used once when nipples started to get sore.
❣ Maternity Pads KKH provides them and again, feel free to bring home the remaining while checking out.
❣ Jacket
❣ Basic Make-up
(BB Cream, concealer, compact powder, eyebrow pencil, blusher, face & lip moisturizer)
Honestly, didn't use it at all even for going home because after the sleepless nights and tiredness, I didn't give a damn. Haha
❣ Hair Accessories (Brush, Hair ties & Hair clips)

For Daddy

For Daddy Remark
❣ Shirts 4x
❣ Undergarments 4x
❣ Jacket
❣ Hair Wax and/or Cap
❣ Socks 4x

Others Remarks
❣ Travel Sized Toiletries
(that we can share like body soap, toothbrush, shampoo, body lotion, etc)
❣ Towel 1x
(we can share)
Only Jhon showered and I used to dry my face after washing. I was in too much pain to get up to shower.
❣ Ointments/ Panadol for (Jhon's) body aches.
(Basically Rainbow massage oil & Yoko-yoko, lol)
❣ Snacks like oatmeal cookies or something and 3in1 coffee packets for Jhon.
❣ Foldable Bag (I don't know, maybe we will bring home extra stuff) Didn't need it because Mak helped bring home some of the excessive stuff whenever she comes visit.
❣ Travel Laundry Bags for dirty clothes

Tech Stuff

Tech Stuff Remarks
❣ Our own handphones & chargers
❣ FujiFilm Camera & charger



Old Wives' Tales Gender Predictions

At the point of writing this, we have yet to know the gender of our little one. Although old wives' tales gender predictions are hardly even true, I think it's fun to take for personal entertainment purposes.

There way too many methods of gender predictions from Ramzi's Method (See where placenta's placement is for fetus), belly shape, cravings, mood swings and more.

I just decided to do handful at random just for fun and see how it goes.

According to the tests, I am probably going to get a girl.

And.... obviously this is posted after Little One is born, it is true!
Again, take these tests with a pinch of salt, okay? There are many mothers who have the polar opposites and still got a girl. This is just something fun to do while waiting for the official gender confirmation on your 20 weeks because we all know that we too excited to find out.


My Delivery Story of Nur Sarah

For those who has been following my pregnancy journey, you would know that Sarah was a breech baby and an elective cesarean date was booked on 25th August 2017 at 39weeks 2 days. I've also wrote how it still boils down to her if she wants to emerge earlier. So yes, I was mentally prepared for both scenarios but no, I wasn't when it all happened on 17th August 2017.

It's going to be a long post and not necessarily interesting but it's my experience nonetheless.
You've been warned.

At Home

It was just another ordinary day for me. Home alone, busied myself with crocheting, light housework, watch Youtube & online movies and thought what to cook for dinner. My braxton hicks had been coming in often but nothing severe so I think nothing of it. I also get bouts of cramps and feeling of wanting to poop; again, minor.

At about 3pm, I went to the toilet to pee and my pantiliner was stained with blood; like early signs of period. Note that I had never had my cervix check which does cause a little bleeding. I did whispered to myself "Oh shit" wondering if it means it was time. I remained cool telling myself it's just one of many signs of labour and it does not even mean imminent.

I WhatsApp messaged Jhon to report as I always do but told him to stay cool. I did the same with Mak but everyone was concerned. The bloody show happened 2 more times for every toilet break and Mak dropped everything and frantically told me to go to the hospital. The cool and calm me started to panic. I wasn't in pain or anything, it's just blood but Mak told me that's what's exactly happened to her when she gave birth to Kakak. Bloody show, no pain and soon enough, labour.

By then, Jhon just left work and took a cab home. Meanwhile, I informed my siblings and as luck has it, Abang had just finished work and offered to send us to KKH in his car. Abang was the second to arrive and had a quick dinner(maggie) while waiting for Jhon. I was starving and thought nothing and ate a cup of Nestle instant oats. I don't know why I was in such denial that I was in actual labour. haha When Jhon reached home, he packed his last minute essentials for the hospital bag; just in case and I made him ate something too.

In the Hospital - Observation Room

By 8+pm, we were at KKH labour and delivery. I explained what happened and we wanted to check if everything was okay. My baby was breeched afterall. Like what Mak said, better check before one leg is out of my vajayjay and another whole complication ensued.

They checked, got shocked when I told them I ate (supposed to fast 6 hours before c-section; like I said, didn't feel I was in early labour) and it turned out that I'm 2cm dilated with contractions 5 minutes apart. Yes, I terperanjat.

My gynae in-charge of my general subsidized appointments was Dr Freda Khoo and although I was okay with her, I did insist for a senior doctor in-charge of the night to operate me or at least in the operating theatre to supervise. I've mentioned this in my previous appointment that I was told I was too late in my pregnancy (appointments) to choose a doctor when I wanted to change to a private class delivery. So cue in Dr Alex See Tze Ann but she wasn't ready to see me as she was busy with other moms at that moment.

Anyways, due to my perangai-budak-gemuk wanting to eat something, they don't want to operate me as soon as possible. The anesthesiologist who visited said that they don't want to risk having food going into my lungs while being operated. Basically, it's a waiting game and up to the doctor if they wanted to wait 6 hours or morning after to operate me.

Side note: If I had not ate, Sarah could've been born on 17.8.17. Nice right the number? Lol but too bad, it was fated that her birthday is shared with my non-other SIL, Kak Yana who had actually planned a birthday/wedding anniversary party. Yes, I was invited too to the mini party and Sarah totally stole her limelight.

I had remained cool most of the time until I realized things were picking up, blood withdraws, forms signed, IV in and such. All I knew, I was being prepped up and almost immediately, I had the shakes. Mentally, I was okay but my body disagreed. I honestly couldn't control it and as soon as I was wheeled to the lobby of the operating theatre (at least that's what I think it was), I shook even more aggressively as I was surrounded 360degrees by nurses asking questions, prepping and holding me. Jhon was still there and I tried my best to smile at him. He kissed me as they pushed me into the operating theatre and I almost wanted to cry. I was scared, who was I going to fool?

In the Operating Theatre

I kept telling myself to muster my strength, recite all the doas and trust everyone on duty. Regardless, as I shuffled onto the OT bed, I still shook. The nurses assumed I was cold which I was partially so they offer me a heater which helped.

I was eventually told to sit up to get my spinal tap. I tried so hard not to shake for fear of the anesthesiologist injecting wrongly; I chanted to myself, "Must stay still". They took their time and having a nurse holding me with the heater helped me calm down further. Frankly speaking, the spinal felt like a normal injection; perhaps the massive adrenaline rush had helped too.

I laid back down and we waited for the numbness to overcome. They did some poking which I didn't feel at all and had no idea when the catheter went in. The anesthesiologist poked with an ice pack on the top of my adomen asking if I felt anything. I said yes and the team waited for the numbness to spread. She poked again and I said I didn't feel the cold but I felt that she touched me. She said it's impossible and after many attempts, they proceeded. Apparently, it's okay to feel pressure but not a feeling? I had no idea. I told them I'm not sure anymore; it's not numb like my legs where they can cut it off and I won't feel it. I didn't know what to think. I just took deep breaths trying to calm down.

Soon, they started the procedure. I didn't feel a single thing. I just stared at the operating lights. A nurse told me to close my eyes but I told her it wouldn't help me (shut 1 sensory and others heighten up). I could hear Dr Freda and Alex talking but it was not audible enough for me to comprehend and suddenly, I felt the outmost "pain" or "pressure" I ever felt on my upper abdomen. I knew what was happening, the doctors were pushing the top of my abdomen with full strength to push Sarah out as I've seen the videos but MAN! on top of my shakiness and weak attempt to keep calm, I legit had a full blown panic attack.

The pushes made me groaned and moaned. I suddenly had the urge to aggressively vomit from the pushing and probably from the side effects of the spinal. It was the most uncomfortable feeling I ever felt and I wanted it to end! I absolutely hated the feeling. I was asking out loud, "why is it like this? Why am I feeling it? Is it supposed to be like this?" Nobody answered but I can tell everyone was trying to quickly expedite their work and some nurses trying to comfort me.

For all I knew, I heard the nurses and doctors said "She's so big!" (her estimated weight was 2.7kg but came out 3.04kg). Several seconds after that, a baby's cry. I was so out of it that it didn't registered as MY baby. I was thinking it was some other baby's cry even though it does not make sense to have another baby in the same OT. I also heard the nurses said that Sarah was hungry which didn't made sense until they showed her to me with her tongue sticking in and out.

I had skin to skin and as soon as Sarah's lips touched my nipple, she went crazy sucking like there's no tomorrow. Unfortunately, we didn't get a long skin to skin because I was still shaking and experiencing my panic attack. They took her away which was fine because I seriously could not calm myself to bond. Thankfully it did not affect our bond at all. After a few minutes, I just slept which I figured from exhaustion.

OT - Observation Room

When the doctors had done stitching me up, I was wheeled to the observation room where a nurse monitored me. It turned out I was given a sedative because of my panic attack. Sighs. It was somewhat embarrassing but that's how it was.

Meanwhile, Jhon managed to see little Sarah for the first time at the waiting area. He was informed that both of us were well, that I had a panic attack and Sarah had her umbilical cord not once but twice around her neck! I know right?! Maybe that's why she was in breech all these while and I am forever thankful that I followed my gut to not have an ECV or have someone massage to rotate her. It would be disastrous!

Warded In

Eventually, Jhon and I met and we went to my private suite. To be honest, the moment after the operation, everything was a bit of a blur until we reached my room because by then, I was myself again and shared our experiences with each other. Nurses came in and out to get me settled in and we got to see Sarah again.

At that moment, we still can't believe we just had our baby. It's surreal, overwhelming, scary and amazing all at the same time. We are a legit family now and our life would be a rollercoaster as a little boss is in town.

My Overall Experience

Nobody told me about the extreme discomforting pressure during the surgery, even my sister. Everyone only shared pain after the surgery. I could say it was rather traumatizing for me mostly because I was mentally prepared for everything except for THAT. The doctors were wonderful and experienced while the nurses were nice and helpful. I could say, it was a whirl wind of an experience for me to keep and remember.

Nur Sarah Tolentino was born on 18th August 2017 at 1:48am weighing 3.046kg. Our lives are going to get pretty interesting.

Will blog about my recovery with Cesarean too so watch this space!


What I Miss While Being Pregnant

To be honest, when it comes to pregnancy stories, I always hear mommies complain about pains, aches and such. They would also say it's worth it and they would sometimes miss certain aspects of being pregnant.

As for me, I would say I am thoroughly blessed because my pregnancy was smooth and good. My morning sickness didn't last very long, I didn't get crazy hormonal, my food cravings are minor and manageable, aches and pains are pretty basic and no complications at all.

Seriously, I have no complains about being pregnant (at least for this child). Okay, maybe I complained a little when I started to have stretchmarks and swollen feet but that was it.

So here what I will miss while being pregnant.

😘 I miss the fact that when I'm alone in the house, I'm never really alone because I have baby in/with me.

😘 Which brings me to feeling baby moving, kicking and wriggling in my belly. I would stop what I'm doing and just stare at my distorted or moving belly with a smile and feeling of warmth.

😘 Ever since my belly was showing, everyone, even strangers will fuss over me. There was never a moment when I could not get a seat or offered a seat.

😘 People are also extra nice with me especially the elderly. They would smile, acknowledge and make conversation. As lady people always mistaken as stuck-up or unapproachable, it's actually a nice thing.

😘 Ever since I got pregnant, I've been forced to dress up nicer when going out. I wore more dresses and even though naturally, I am a jeans and shirt kinda gal, I actually enjoy wearing dressy all the time.

😘 Now that I have an infant to care for, I definitely miss proper sleeping hours. Sure, during my pregnancy, I do have my sleeping struggles but I do still managed to clock in those deep sleep hours.


What I Did & Didn't Do For My Pregnancy

Every woman and pregnancy is different no matter what age, race or body size. What works for me may not work for you. Do not use my list as a guide on what you should do (or not); ask your doctor for professional advice. I am simply sharing my experiences and what I did and didn't do throughout my pregnancy.

What I Did Do

✭ I do light pre-natal yoga exercises/ stretches like hip circles, cat-cow poses, bending over a counter, pelvic exercises almost every day but only for less than 10 minutes. It helps 'prepare' my body and a life saver when a slightest body ache occurs.

✭ Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I slather myself with Palmer's Cocoa Butter day and night. I do not have stretch marks until my 7th month. It was only because my underwear was tight and it kept rubbing my bikini line so that's where my stretch marks are.

On the 8th month, more stretch marks appeared (remember that stretch marks are also genetic) but managed to 'control' them with cocoa butter and/or coconut oil.

✭ I ate my pre-natal vitamins every single day and only missed 4-5 times. Yes, very proud of that. haha I also eat more fruits which explains why I never had constipation problems expect for that 1 time when I was really sick.

✭ I walk; a lot. Especially on days when I am feeling okay, I would walk maybe at least 1 hour everyday.

✭ I drink plenty of water and even more when I see signs of water retention on my feet. As soon as I don't see my veins on my feet, I make a conscious effort to drink even if it takes me to the toilet every hour. I am happy to say that my feet has never been severely or even moderately swollen until my last month of pregnancy.

✭ I do indulge on gassy/ sweet/ cold drinks. That also includes oily, fatty, processed food and sugary deserts. Not everyday but basically similar diet as before I was pregnant. I do try to limit myself though.

✭ I do drink coffee in the first half of my pregnancy but like once every 2 weeks and just a cup? I'm not a coffee drinker but I do drink once in a while. I stop after a while because it made me wide awake at nights and I don't need that. I am more of a tea drinker but I limit to maybe once or twice a week.

✭ I do still eat spicy food. I don't have heartburn problems and even if I do, it's very minor.

✭ To ensure the best sleep (in pregnant woman standards because we all know what is true sleep when you have to get up to pee all the time), Jhon or I will give a quick massage on my feet and calves with my favorite ointment. More so after I hit 8 months of my pregnancy. It works wonders!

✭ As long as I am not in pain, tired and generally comfortable, Jhon and I do indulge in le sexy time.

✭ I did ate salmon sashimi when I was 3-4 months pregnant because I was craving bad but that was it.

✭ I make a conscious effort to sleep or lay down on my left side as it encourages more blood flow and oxygen for baby BUT I do rotate to the right and back (with upper or side body propped up with pillows, never flat) especially when left starts to get uncomfortable.

✭ I drink soya milk occasionally throughout my pregnancy and more on coconut juice during my 3rd trimester.

What I Didn't Do

✭ I do not drink pre-natal milk such as Anmum Materna. I mean, I tried but one of my aversions during my first trimester was milk. I can't even handle 1 sip. After wards, even when I can drink milk again, I don't. Plus, doctor said it's not necessary as long as I constantly eat my multi-vitamins and have a balanced diet.

✭ I didn't go for any pre-natal massages mostly because I don't feel that much pain or discomfort until I needed one.

✭ Jhon and I didn't attend any birthing classes or parenting classes. But we did attend a breastfeeding talk conducted by KKH.

✭ I didn't sign up for any pregnancy insurance.

✭ I do not eat "for two" which is a common misconception and express train to quick weight gain. I just ate like I always do, if not lesser on periods where my stomach feels small and squished.

✭ I don't smoke or drink in the first place so I don't know why I am writing this here.

✭ I do not eat a balanced meal (meat & veggies) 3 times every day (only every 3 days or so to I get my fiber intake)

✭ I didn't get those pregnancy sleeping pillows. I just use a bolster for my front and a pillow for my back.


3rd Trimester, 9th Month (The Last Lap)

          1st Trimester, Month 0-1Month 2 (pt.1 & pt. 2)Month 3
          2nd Trimester, Month 4Month 5Month 6, Month 7, Month 8

3 August 2017 - 16 August 2017

Weekly Appointments Start

Since I am at my last stretch of my pregnancy, the weekly appointments has started which triggered Jhon to take afternoon half-day leaves. To be honest, waiting time during afternoon appointments seems to drag longer for us even though last week's appointment didn't seemed that long. I think we are just morning people and we feel sian by afternoon.

On 10th August, I had my regular check up which I assumed to me fast and easy but boy, I was wrong. I think it has to do with that it was a public holiday the day before so it seems the clinic's patients doubled in size. Anyways, Little One and I were fine as everything was cleared and heartbeat strong. We discussed again about C-section and yup, it's confirmed people. Unless Little One decided to appear earlier, we have set a delivery date and action emergency C-section on 23rd August 2017 since the operating theatre is still fully booked.

On 16th August, we had our standard check-up again. This time around, a date has opened at the operating theatre and an elective C-section has been booked. Baby is fine, I am fine and Jhon is nervous because he his fear of blood or anything hospital related might br elevated.

But again, I reminded Jhon that it still boils down to baby's decision to come out.

Our next appointment will be on the 23rd August 2017 to have my blood drawn to get ready for the big day on 25th.

Pre-Delivery Registration

I think this is an optional decision by couples where we can pre-register our delivery. In this process, we will meet up with a financial consultant where the nurse will go through an estimation of our surgery and hospital charges. You can decide and choose what ward and eventually place a deposit. Since it's an estimation and/or basic charge, we might have to top-up after discharge should there be any additional medical procedures needed. BUT if it's lesser, you can get the excess money back.

Some couples don't do pre-registration by choice or baby comes out before they could even. Take note that they will only accept pre-registration after 36 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor/ nurse would not ask you to go so you have to bring yourself to the admission. Jhon and I prefer to pre-register because

1) Although we can estimate ourselves through MOE website how much it will costs, we want a more detailed estimation.
2) We wanted to have at least 1/2 of the deed done so when I do go through labor, Jhon does not have to go through too much stuff on his own.

By the way, everyone has and will meet up with a financial consultant whether before you go into labour or between contractions.

Stretchmarks Galore

I've been diligent with my stretchmarks cream and it helped so far but as I mentioned before when I was 7th to 8th month, I started to have stretchmarks on my bikini line because underwear was getting tight and it was rubbing my skin. The marks very slowly but surely gradually spread upwards and by the time I am entering my final month, they just went cray-cray because baby is getting bigger and I could feel my skin stretching, aching and itching. It's not THAT bad because I've seen worse. I would considered it as the standard amount.

Anyways, I knew it would be a given thing because stretchmarks are ultimately a genetic thing. If your mom had stretchmarks, you would probably too. I had stretch marks from just gaining weight too fast when I was underweight decades ago so, I am not surprised that I have it now. I am just glad I got it later in the month. I still put stretchmark cream and coconut oil everyday because it does ease the itchiness and moisturizes my skin but that was it. At least my mark are not so 'garang'.

No more swollen feet?

I had swollen feet since late July and half way in August, my feet suddenly not so swollen anymore. In fact, it was barely swollen. I don't know I've done different. Every day ever since it was swollen, I try to drink more water, rest more, feet up and had my feet lightly massaged and socked up every night. One day, my feet was actually okay! With that said, it does go back to being swollen when I'm on my feet often.

Labour Signs

As I am going closer to to my EDD, every sign could be a labour sign. I'm getting more braxton hicks and random mild pains. They are not prominent labour signs though. In fact, my belly is not even low. I don't know does it has to do with Little One being breeched but I could tell, if I'm going natural, it will take a long time.

Cord Blood Banking

I knew I wanted to donate cord blood instead of keeping it. I just don't know how to go about it. While waiting for our turn to see the doctor, one of the cord banking representatives from Singapore Cord Blood Bank. They are government based, non-profit organisation where we can let them store cord blood for free. If I do need it for some unforseen circumstances, I can retrieve it (provided it has not been used and suitable). Let's say they already used the cord blood, they will look for a compatible one for us at no charge.

The Mommy Haircut

I decided to cut my hair off, all 5 inches of it. Shortest length I ever had since I was in primary school. Even though I always bun up my hair at home, I'm starting to find it a hassle to twirl my hair so many times to bun up. The weather has been so hot and need hair washing time to be reduced when baby comes.

Presenting my 'kopek' face. At that moment, I don't care about make up anymore and walking out to go grocery shopping and have breakfast for 2+ hours is so blah!

See how swollen my feet were. I can barely fit my worn off slippers.

Busy Crocheting

During my last lap, I stopped going to Mak's house mostly because walking 10 mins to her house is just a chore, even more so at 12pm, under the blistering heat. So I confined myself at home, busied myself by watching online movies, crocheting and doing light housewife duties.