DIY Terrarium Premium Kit by Floral Garage

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Just like most Malays, as far as I can remember, my home's corridor is always decorated by potted plants and flowers. I would describe it as moderately flourished with enough amount of decorative plants, flowers and random chili plant, pandan leaves, etc. It's always well maintained so our corridor does not look like a mini jungle.

As for indoors, the house is always decorated by fake plants and flowers, mostly by glass flowers Mak bought many decades ago from Malaysia. It's only when someone receives a bouquet of flowers (which is rare) then, the house has some sort of a live greenery at least for a week.

I've always imagined a home I call my own to have indoor greenery. Initially, I did think of flower decor but the maintenance was too high. I have always admired those mini glass potted plants but for the life of me, never knew the name until recently. They are call terrariums, dammit. haha

I feel blessed when I was contacted by Irena from Floral Garage and received this.
What's inside?

My very own DIY Terrarium Premium Kit!

Floral Garage is a relatively new company at only 2 years under it's belt. Despite that, they already have an array of products from flower bouquets, hampers, flower stands and even party supplies. I saw their flower bouquets. Irena, why you no contact me before my wedding? I want YOUR flowers!

Anyways, they just a launched a new product category which are terrariums.
In the box, it does not only comes in 1 but 2 types of terrariums. I can make an opened and closed terrarium. There are 3 types of decorative pebbles, gravel, activated charcoal, premium terrarium mix, 6 types of plants, 1 set of mini gardening tools, spray bottle, 2 sets of instructions and 2 types of glass bowl/ container.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate the way the instructions were done?
It feels so personal and sincere even though it was probably printed. haha (Wait, I was informed Irena drew and write it all herself! So cute one!)

Let's start!
To be honest, I was nervous. I never had to decorate a terrarium and corridor plants don't count because you can just put in a seed and let it grow or just transfer a plant to the middle of the pot and hope for the best.
The main idea of terrariums are for it's decorative aspect. No one wants a rojak looking arrangement. Although, I have to give you a heads up, my first try does look like a mini rojak jungle.

First, wash the gravels and distribute it evenly a layer of 0.5cm to 1cm.
I used my hands most of the time because it's easier to work around. You can't be a green thumb without getting your hands dirty!

Add a thin layer of activated charcoal.

Remove the plants from the soil, loosen it up and trim the roots when necessary.

Initially I attempted to just try to maintain the original shape but I suggest being brave and play around with it.

After you are happy with the final arrangement, decorate with the pebbles according to your preference. I used the gardening tools this time so I can fit the pebbles into the nook and crannies.

TADA! My first terrarium. I know, I am not supposed to have any plants coming out of the bowl but I like it that way. But I know, it's not perfectly done but it's my first time and done by me!

The top view looks nice though!

Next was the closed terrarium.
This time around, I am more confident and daring working with the kit. Steps are the same as for the closed terrarium. The only difference is the lid and maintenance.

See, I took the plants out first and put it aside and try to play with the arrangement a little.
To be honest, working with such a small area is a little challenging. It really brings out the creative side of you.

Done! Spray it and close it.

I don't know if you can tell, I attempted for some soil layering since the glass container is tall.
I like this one way much more!

There you go, my own DIY terrarium premium kit.
Just to let you know, I still had plenty of excess of the premium mix and pebbles which is great.
At SGD159.90, You can give it as a gift (self made or not). Heck, you can keep one and give away the other. I had these perfectly placed in my living room. Maintenance is easy too because they don't require direct sunlight and need to be watered only once a week.

Need just 1 terrarium? Depending on your choice of a closed terrarium or opened one, you can get it at SGD79.90 ~ SGD89.90. (obviously it's cheaper to get two in one)

DIY not your thing but want a terrarium either way? No problem! Get a ready made one like Floral Garage gifted for Mak's 64th birthday on my behalf. She loved it and it's her first terrarium too. She has it now placed next to her bed near the window. Floral Garage has several types of terrariums and Mak got the dessert themed (SGD89.90).

There are Cactus Terrarium, Rainforest Themed Terrarium (which I adore) and even those cool air plant terrarium. They even have a minimalism succulent terrarium for a subtle décor. Unleash your jokester in you by giving a vegetable bouquet. Check them all out here and here.

As mentioned before, Floral Garage has other products too. If your are looking for a flowery gift, they provide flower boxes under Flower Basket & Gift set. They also have party package, party décor, floral décor, balloons, piñata and party ware.

Thanks to Floral Garage for these gifts.
Get them for your loved ones too!


Hari Raya 2016 - 6th Shawal

My mom is the eldest in her family so usually, we spend our first weekend at home and welcome all guests. Since Abg and Kakak has their family, Jhon and I always had to hold the fort. It's has always been a simple visit. Come over, eat the kueh, chit-chat and that's it. Our house pun has never been truly dolled up for Hari Raya. Always the same, always simple.

This year, since Abg has a new home, he asked us to come over. I mass messaged everyone if they wanted to see Mak, they had to go to Punggol. I don't want them to happily visit Kaki Bukit only to find out no one's home.

Some thought it was an open house which was funny. Plus, Mak was feeling unwell and it's nice for once, it's just more than me and Jhon welcoming the guests.

I am so happy Abg Jamil get to join us too this year!

 Actually, Shibly was the sick one.

 It was pretty much last minute. Supposedly welcome people to come from 12noon onwards but food was ready only after 1pm. haha Pak Hitam and family came by first and then Uncle's family. Abg and Kak Yana was not home yet from grocery shopping so Jhon and I had to man the house.

Luckily, we were no strangers to Abg's house so we knew our way around.

Happy siblings are happy.

Kakak and family managed to come over too which I was really happy about. I tell you, it's hard to have us together for Hari Raya besides having to visit relatives. They just didn't wear baju raya which spoil the feeling but it's the thought that counts. hehe.

Accidental children. Yes, I bullied Shibly by dragging him off the bed to take a picture with us. In my defence, I did ask him if it's okay and he has to get up to have lunch anyways.


Actually, Jhon just wants a photo with Nadia but this other Abg kecik sibuk.

Quick trip to the swimming pool. I was jealous!

Too cold.

Butt crack.

After that, Pak & Mak Busu visit and Cik Kam a& family next.
Yet again, the house filled with chatter and laughter.

I got to say, for the first time for probably after more than a decade, I truly felt the feeling of Hari Raya. I was not the only one feeling it too. It was a wonderful warm feeling to see everyone in their beautiful outfits, eating good food with feel good vibes.

You see lah, these people. lolol

Blurred photo but essence captured. Kecoh pe.

This photo is funny because Irfan has always been fearful of Abg. This hug was a big deal. haha

I am grateful for Abg's idea albeit a last minute one. One thing for sure, it's going to be a yearly thing and hopefully, Kak Yana and Abg will be prepared by that time.

Now, if only Ayah could join us too...