Life with Sarah (Month 2)

Did you missed it? 
Life with Nur Sarah (0-1 Month), (Month 1)

Sarah at 2 months old. 

I remembered that I had crocheted her shoes and let her wear it. It was just nice for her. Any later, I don't think she could wear it.

This was the first time Sarah had a random middle of the night wake up. She woke up at 4am with the biggest smile as she wriggled about. We groaned but how can we resist that smile? I just love that Sarah is so expressive because I know I am too. I told Sarah that we can annoy Daddy together. haha

Luckily, she didn't stay awake very long. After 45 minutes, she went back to sleep.

She looked 'sebiji' like Jayden here.

After 2 months, finally had a decent photo with Sarah. This was us at Pasir Ris to collect my lactation cookies. I just let Jhon lead the way since he has better sense of direction then me. 

At this point, I just can't help obsessing over her nose bridge and eye lashes.

On 29th October, Sarah had her cukur rambut and tahnik which I've blogged about so feel free to read about the ceremony and all that jazz.

My baby dah botak! the haircut made her look rounder and yes, more boyish. haha

Sarah was on and off on pacifier as she was not a fan of it or don't know how to keep it in her mouth. I was not a fan of giving her pacifier but Mak insist as it help to soothe her faster but in the end, Sarah had the final say. No to pacifiers.

Pak Hitam and family was so funny. He came over one week after Sarah's ceremony. He called us when we were out doing errands. It became a dinner get together with jalan-jalan at Changi Airport. This is the furthest and longest Sarah had been and as expected, she was over stimulated and got cranky. I had no choice because it was truly rare to go out with my relatives out of family obligations. 

Jhon and I did got all flustered because we felt helpless. At this point, she was more on BM DL than FM and I felt the older folk seemed to not care much on us trying to soothe Sarah. They are not used to a newborn baby needing constant comfort because that was probably long time ago.

Obligatory sleeping with Daddy shot. 
Actually right, we still have not decided what Sarah should call us. 
We would call ourselves as Mommy and Daddy when speaking to her but I would tell her to say Mama and Dada. Jhon once in a while would say he wants to be called Papa.
So don't know lah. Let Sarah decide. hahaha

Over sized hand me down jacket which eventually returned to original owner.

This outfit caught plenty of attention saying she was cute but I think it's mostly because of the jacket being too big for her. haha

This Mommy was a book worm so kinda expected to have me passing this passion to her.
Books among other things received by National Library Board for freeeeeee for all babies!

My clingy baby. 
It's tiring but I love it because I know she is getting bigger and bigger and I know for sure I will miss these precious moments. Sarah had not stay through the night with intervals of sleeping hours of 2-3 hours. It was a love-hate relationship because if she sleeps longer, I get proper sleep but at the same time, engorgement!

There was 1 time, she slept for more than 4 hours and I'm like staring at her while panicking because I was rock solid. I had a manual pump but it was barely helping.

For the first 2 months, the time seems fast and slow at the same time.


Life with Nur Sarah (Month 1)

Did you missed it? 

All these while, I had been very good with my confinement. I ate and drank well, and didn't leave the house, even a the corridor except for one time when Mak let me walk around downstairs with Jhon and Sarah for her sun bathing session in the morning.

But for Sarah's first immunization, I followed to them Polyclinic. Wahh.. I felt so happy having to see the outside world. haha Just like during her blood tests, Sarah was a champion. She cried but only for a while and that was it. Her top of her head was hot but no fever. We just monitored until she was fine. Sarah was at a stage when she looks "funny". I don't know how to describe it but she does especially in the picture below.

I was hesitant to post this un-pretty photo of myself but this was me at that period of time. Lack of sleep, rest and struggling mentally and physically.
I can tell you this blog was never only about what is photogenic, perfectly posed with every strand of hair intact. I can give you real talk and you will be surprised what I want to share with you. Now, if only Sarah is not part koala.

Just about 1 month after delivery, I decided to end my confinement with Mak. I had more reasons than one but perhaps I will indulge on it another time. I was worried and fearful because as soon as I move back to my house, I am solo with Sarah. Jhon works office hours so it was not THAT bad but you know, first time mom jitters. We went back home over the weekend so Jhon was around for my first rodeo but after that, she was all mine and I was all hers.

I was anxious wondering how to eat, bathe or even rest but of course, as all story goes, everything went well in the end as I managed to get into routine.

Trick to anime eyes are windows with natural light.
Sarah looks so much like her dad to a point she looks like a boy, right?

Who are you to call me a boy??
hahaha Her "boy" coordinated clothes does not help either.

A new born face is ever changing.

Jhon, Sarah and I did gave Mak a visit the following weekend because I knew she would miss Sarah. It turned out that Nadya missed Sarah too as she constantly asked for her and peered into the room we used sleep in.

Being home means Abg Jamil got Sarah all to himself. He would play and even help watch her if he comes home early from work or on an off day.

There she goes with her funny-weird-face again.
At this point, Sarah would have her bedtime routine which weirdly SHE asked for. After her wipe down, she wants to be in our room with night light on and lying on the bed. Bonus points of all of us are lying down with her. When we don't do this, she gets really fussy.

For my check-up, Mak offered to take care of Sarah. She was on mixed breast milk (direct latch) and formula milk so naturally, she was fed FM when I was away. Initially, I said it's okay because I figured we need to practice going out with a baby but since Mak insisted, okay lor...

It turned out to be something I needed. A break or what I like to call now, turning off Mommy Mode. It was refreshing and relaxing. Of course, we missed her and wondered what she was doing but it was also nice to not be "ON" for that few hours. By the time I reached home, I couldn't wait to hug, kiss and most importantly, DL her. haha

Since we are on our own now, Mak is the one who would visit us. She would even bring her home cooked food for us so that was heavily appreciated. Nadya looked so big now that a baby is within the family. hehe

Sarah's bones are strong and shown signs of wanting to walk very early. Here's a video of her at 1 months 3 weeks. Don't worry, I was fully supporting her and I didn't let her put entire body weight on her legs.

We then went out a little further as a family to have breakfast. Yea, we were pretty cautious in terms of going out. One, we don't have a car so we can't zoom here and there. Two, we were still 'jinak-jinak tahi lalat' and Three, don't want Sarah to be over stimulated.

I remembered complaining that I always take nice pictures of Jhon and Sarah with her looking towards the camera. But when it comes to my turn, poor lighting, poor angle and Sarah hardly every looks in front.

It was only after a while I realized she would look towards the camera only because MOMMY was holding it so I didn't feel that bad afterwards. haha

Tummy Time!
Actually, Sarah was not a fan of tummy time. Her neck and back was strong but she just dislikes being fully flat on her belly. To make up for it, we would let her lay on our chest on an incline or with a pillow under her armpits.

When it is just you and a clingy baby, this is what you have to resort to. Thank God for the Combi Mak bought for us. I could just roll her anywhere I want.

This month was definitely easier as Sarah progresses to infant from new born. She has her ups and downs but that is how babies are. It was still surreal that I have a baby of my own.